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ASUS ROG Phone 5s – Great Gaming Experience



ASUS ROG Phone 5s

ASUS refreshes its gaming smartphones and provides extra performance. The ROG Phone 5s has been upgraded to the best Android processor, again offers a great 144 Hertz display and of course 5G. In addition, there are the usual excellent features such as a huge battery and the shoulder buttons, which guarantee a great gaming experience.

ASUS has introduced two different versions of the ROG Phone 5s that differ only slightly from each other. They hear different names, but the only relevant differences are in the design of the back and in the equipment with RAM. In addition to the normal version, there is also the ASUS ROG Phone 5s Pro , which this article also covers. Both devices differ only marginally from the previous generation.

ASUS ROG Phone 5s

Huge 144 Hertz display in Asus ROG Phone 5s design

In order for all video games to be an impressive pleasure, you need a large screen that reproduces all content appropriately. The ASUS ROG Phone 5s uses an AMOLED display with HDR10 + and an impressive 6.78 inch diagonal. All image and video elements are thus given sufficient space. The display has no notches like a punched hole for the front camera, but comes with clear edges that result in a seamless image format. The front is protected by super-stable Corning Gorilla Glass Victus , which is only used in the best smartphones and protects your display from scratches and breaks.

The display has a resolution of Full HD + (1080 × 2448), which is common for gaming phones in order to have more of the battery. Particularly noteworthy is the increased refresh rate of 144 Hertz , which enables exceptionally smooth playback. All games are played back smoothly. In addition, the touchscreen has a touch-sampling rate of 360 Hertz. This significantly reduces the latency, which means that your touches are recognized quickly and precisely and give you a speed advantage when gaming.

The display is embedded in a simple but unique design. It is available in white and black and, as a special highlight, has an RGB-illuminated ASUS ROG Phone 5s logo that can be precisely adjusted in terms of color. The Pro version even scores with a small LED display on the back that shows various motifs. The ASUS ROG Phone 5s Vision Animations show e.g. For example, when you charge your phone, get a message, or join a game.

The large cell phone convinces with great audio and video features.

Unlimited processor power with 5G

The only real innovation compared to the previous series is inside. This is where the Snapdragon 888+ from Qualcomm works. The super processor represents the spearhead of the current Android chips. With a proud 2.99 GHz, the eight-core can handle even the most complex video games. In addition, there is 16 GB of RAM , which makes every challenge null and void. The Pro version even overwhelms you with 18 GB of RAM. The ROG Phone 5 offers a sufficient 512 GB of internal storage  . With the UFS 3.1 storage technology, the device quickly reads and writes all data.

Of course, the Snapdragon 888+ offers the latest connection standards. WiFi 6E is included, which enables the fastest and most stable transmission speeds in WiFi via several antennas. 5G is a must for such a top device and can be found again without question. Thanks to the ongoing network expansion, you are always optimally connected and quickly on the Internet.

With the Advanced System Performance Manager and Game Genie you can set exactly how your mobile phone should optimize its processes and which functions you value most. So you can z. B. Monitor the performance and temperature of the cell phone as well as limit background activities and the display resolution in order to develop the full power for mobile gaming.

For the perfect gaming experience, the ROG Phone 5s has ultrasonic shoulder buttons that simplify operation in video games. The device also responds precisely to motion controls such as tilting and rotating, with which you can operate games even more intuitively. ASUS ROG Phone 5s  emphasizes that the ten movement gestures are unique to the Phone 5. The audio features also enable a holistic gaming experience. The stereo speakers face forward and guarantee a powerful, immersive sound. A headphone connection in the form of the well-known 3.5 mm jack socket is still available. Otherwise, headphones can also be connected via Bluetooth 5.2.

The ultimate Android processor guarantees you maximum performance.

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Huge double battery for long gaming on ASUS ROG Phone 5s

Like the Lenovo Legion Phone Duel , the ROG Phone 5s is equipped with a double battery structure so that you never run out of energy . Combined, this results in a whopping 6,000 mAh , with which the entire computing power of the smartphone is reliably supplied. Due to its split and a sophisticated cooling system, the battery is kept from developing too much heat, as would otherwise occur when charging and playing at the same time.

The double battery is charged via two USB-C ports on the right-hand side and bottom. The charging speed is an impressive 65 watts , which many other flagships like the iPhone 13 Pro (20W) or the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (25W) easily fit into your pocket. The battery is fully charged again in no time at all. You can adjust how exactly the charging process should take place using the associated software in order to save the battery. For example, a steady charging speed, a maximum capacity and a schedule can be set.

Twice 3,000 mAh provide you with energy for hours.

Flagship triple camera

Of course, such a gaming cell phone also has a modern and versatile camera.  ASUS ROG Phone 5s installed a triple camera with 64 MP , which relies on the IMX686 sensor from Sony. With a low ƒ / 1.8 aperture, you can take wonderfully sharp and well-exposed pictures even in the dark. There is also an ultra-wide-angle lens with 13 MP, which is suitable for photographing large subjects such as landscapes. Equipped with the macro sensor , you can also take close-ups with a resolution of five megapixels.

The camera films videos in strong 8K quality. ASUS ROG Phone 5s relies on some advanced software functions such as pro video mode, free zoom, wind filter and acoustic focus.

The front camera has 24 megapixels and enables beautiful selfies. It films in Full HD and supports you optimally when streaming via Twitch & Co. Four microphones , which are arranged around the phone, ensure optimal sound recording .

The only visual difference between the 5s (left) and 5s Pro (right) is the design of the back.

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The ASUS ROG Phone 5s is a superlative gaming phone. Here you get a powerful device in every respect that masters the top games without any problems and gives you a smooth gaming experience. The great display paired with many practical features and incredible processor and battery power raise mobile gaming to the professional level and guarantee fun and competitiveness.

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How to send messages to 250 people at once on WhatsApp



WhatsApp broadcast message

The popular messaging app WhatsApp is giving the opportunity to send greeting messages to many friends together on special days. From now on, a message can be sent to a maximum of 256 people through WhatsApp. For this the user does not have to create any group.

There is a preparation phase for this  feature. This is called ‘Broadcast List‘. To do this, log in to WhatsApp and touch the three dots on the top right of the chat screen. There you have to choose the ‘New Broadcast’ option from the drop down.

Once there, it will show the list of numbers saved in the mobile. From here the user can choose the contact number of his choice. Here 256 numbers can be chosen together.

If the number is selected, an arrow will appear. Broadcast group can be created by pressing there. This time, if you send a message, it will go to everyone.

Even if you send a message to everyone at once, the recipients will not be able to understand it. It will appear that the message has been sent to everyone personally.

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How to convert photos to PDF on iOS and Android



How to convert photos to PDF on iOS and Android

Hello guys, today I will teach you How to convert photos to PDF on iOS and Android, If we want to share photos with other people and we do not want to promote them freely on the Internet , all we can do is convert them to PDF format I will teach you, Although images can be easily extracted from such files, with the right tools, we will never be able to retrieve them in the original resolution.

In addition, the metadata is also deleted , allowing the information to be located along with the data where the capture was taken, which allows to know the values ​​of the image. If you want to know how to convert photos to PDF on iOS and Android , I invite you to continue reading

 How to convert photos to PDF on iOS and Android

This PDF format created by Adobe allows us to store any type of content, documents, photos and even videos, and over the years it has become a standard in the industry, so there is no need to use Adobe tools to create or read this format.

Advantages of PDF files


Allows sharing multiple pictures at once

One of the advantages of sharing images in PDF format is that it allows us to group multiple images into a single file , which reduces the time required to send a document via email with a messaging platform.

Remove metadata

In the age we live in, many people take pictures that are not dedicated to you so that they can be shared .

If you want to avoid this problem, this is exactly the process of solving it from Adobe’s hands .

This way, we will not only perform our images freely past our images in our original resolution , but in addition, we will automatically delete all metadata from the image.

Decrease image size

Another reason to share images in PDF format is that it allows us to reduce the space they occupy when sharing , a better way to save our data rates and makes it faster to share them.

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How to convert a photo to a PDF on Android

PDF picture

PDF to PDF – Photo to PDF

Convert multiple images to a PDF file has never been easier with the PDF Converter app , an app that we can download for free, with ads and in-app purchases to unlock all the features.

Jpg to pdf converter

JPG to PDF Converter allows us to convert a large number of image formats to PDF format with a single click and without the need for internet connection like most such applications.

The image format that we can convert to PDF is NG, JPEG, XPS, TIFF, JFIF and GIF . But, in addition, it allows us to convert our documents to this Adobe format, making it one of the most complete applications for converting images and files to PDF format.

JPG to PDF Converter is available for you to download for free, including ads and in-app purchases.

Jpg to pdf converter

With a slightly older interface than previous applications, but completely free with convenience , without in-app purchases, but with ads , we find PDF to JPG Converter.

Only this application allows us to convert images to PDF in JPG format . If we consider that all smartphones store images in JPG format, then it would not be a problem to regularly accept this application to convert our photographs to PDF format.

Jpg to pdf converter
Price: Free

How to convert photos to PDF on iOS and Android

PDF picture

Convert image to PDF

Converting images to PDF is an application designed for the iPad, completely free, which allows us to convert photos directly from the camera or photo library to PDF format, add text, rearrange images, and a large number of predefined designs.

Convert image to PDF
Price: Free

Image converter

This application allows us to convert any type of image to .jpg, .png, .svg, .psd … PDF format . The conversion is done in the cloud so that it is faster and the battery consumption in our iPhone or iPad is less.

Download the image converter available to you for free and include a subscription to get the most out of it. Requires iOS 12 or higher.

Document converter

From the same developer as the previous application, we found the Document Converter application, an application that allows us to convert images to .jpg format, but also allows us to convert our files to .docx, .txt, .html format.

Download the app available to you for free , and include a subscription to get the most out of it. Requires iOS 12 or higher.

Document Converter
Price: Free +

Website to convert photos to PDF



The best web page for creating a PDF file with a single image we find it in the free tool ginapdf . This web page allows us to convert various photographs to PDF format, so that each image is a sheet of document.

Select the activity of this website as a file and click on the option Select all the files that we want to include in a document of this format.

Automatically, the process of creating a PDF file will begin and all we have to do is click the download button to save it to our device.

OCR2 edit

Another great tool we have is to convert images into PDF files for free. We found it OCR2 edit .

This website not only allows us to upload images stored on our device, but also allows us to select from them. Dropbox or Google Drive.

However, also, if those options were less, it would allow us to enter the URL where  we want to attach the image to a document in PDF format.

It also allows us to select which version of the PDF we want to convert the document (1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 or 2.) This is especially effective when the tools to access the document are outdated and / or have limited resources.

Online 2 pdf

Online 2 pdf Another tool we find on the internet is completely free which allows us to convert a jpg image to pdf format.

This is the one that offers us the most options, as it allows us to specify the number of images per sheet, the size of the page, if we want to establish a margin and orientation of the photographs.


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How to use telegram without phone number



Use Telegram without phone number

Since its launch in 2014, Telegram has become virtually the best alternative to WhatsApp, especially for users who spend a lot of time in front of a computer and who need to share files, since the platform is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Use Telegram without phone number

But, in addition, it does not need that our Phone is turned ON or that we have the right, as happens with WhatsApp Application. Also, unlike WhatsApp applications, you do not need a phone number to use the telegram. If you are ready to know how to use Telegram without phone number, please continue reading.

How the telegram works


WhatsApp is all end-to-end, end-to-end messages, so encrypted is not stored on any server and it cannot be used independently on other devices as we can do with Telegram.

Encrypts messages between Telegram Server and the application, not between applications like WhatsApp, so all messages are stored on Telegram Server encrypted and we can access them from any other application using data from the same account.

Telegram, via secret chat, uses the same method as WhatsApp encrypting end-to-end, device-to-device, without saving to the server and so we cannot continue those conversations from other devices from any other telegram application.

Use telegram without Phone number

SIM card

While it is true that you do not need to have a phone number to use Telegram, it is important to remember that you must register if necessary. If we do not have a phone number, we will not be able to register for the application.

When the application started its journey, if we could register without using a phone number, but from Telegram Application, they were required a telephone number to prevent opening a spam account.

Once we register for the application, we do use Telegram without phone number, so we can use a prepaid number and forget it forever, the phone number is registered, it is associated with a nickname on the telegram application.

Once we have opened a Telegram account with a phone number, we will need to create a nickname. This nickname will be our I’d on the telegram platform, that is, it will be the name by which any other user can find us on the telegram.

Locally, the application does not allow other users to search us with our phone number, so Telegram is an ideal platform to meet new people and if we have any problems with them, block them directly so that they never contact us again. Maybe, since they don’t have our phone number.

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How to create a telegram account

Register at Telegram

As I commented in the previous section, the first thing we need is to have a phone number in hand, a phone number where we can get the confirmation code of the platform and register, we must enter the application.

We do not need to install the Telegram application on our mobile where we get the confirmation message, but if it needs to be in hand, since, without that code, we will never be able to register in this messaging application.

To create an account in Telegram follow the steps below.

  • Goto plays store and install the application to your phone or search for the telegram App on Google and install it to the computer or any where we are going to use it, here is the telegram for web
  • Then the telegram App invites us to enter your country and your phone number.
  • Then, an SMS will be sent with the verification code on our phone which we must enter into the application.

If we want to use it on another computer, once we have created an account, we will not need a mobile phone with the corresponding phone number.

Create a nickname in the telegram

Create a nickname in the telegram

Once we have opened our Telegram account, we need to do is generate a nickname as an identifier, it will be the name by which other users will be able to identify us on the platform.

We can also set our real names, which will be used to introduce ourselves in the chat, although through this, no one will find them on our platform. Once we have created the alias, we can start using the application.

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Create multiple nicknames in Telegram

Telegram allows us to manage up to 3 accounts, all with different phone numbers and different nicknames. It allows us to use different nicknames depending on who we want to establish a relationship with and wants to permanently cancel or change at a given moment.

That way, when it comes to our family, we can use our established nickname, and if it’s about a group of people we don’t know personally, if we start to suffer any kind of harassment or if we want to forget this secondary account completely, close the account. For we can use a different.

Don’t have a phone number to register with Telegram?

This is a way to use Telegram without phone number, since you can use any one of the various applications available in both the Play Store and App Store that allow us to use virtual numbers for free for a limited time.

And I’m saying for a limited time, as we have explained, you only need to use a phone number once real, the number where the platform confirmation message is received. From that moment on, we will no longer need a smartphone or a virtual number to receive telegram SMS.

Install Telegram on other devices

Telegram verification code

Once registered, to log in to our Telegram account, we must enter the phone number (shown in the Telegram configuration section) in the Telegram application associated with that account, to receive a confirmation message.

This message is received in the Telegram application that we have already installed on another device, not via SMS to the corresponding phone number, so it does not need to be virtual or prepaid.

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